Welcome to Wintermas!

winter holidays outdoor tree

Welcome to Wintermas™, a secular alternative celebration of the Winter Holidays based on ancient traditions.

We focus on all that’s good and fun about the Winter Holidays and explore the true meanings of seasonal traditions.  #Wintermas is a celebration of the Winter Season, of Nature, of Light, and of the promise of warmer days to come. Happy Wintermas!

New Wintermas™ eBook
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We are proud to announce the availability of our new eBook, Wintermas: Toward a Secular Celebration of the Season on Amazon.com!   The book sets up a foundation for nonbelievers and others to enjoy the Winter Holidays based on natural and secular phenomenon. It is available as an eBook that can be read on Kindle or any device with a free Kindle app.  Learn More or Buy Now!

The eBook can also be previewed and purchased via the image to the left.



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