Merry Wintermas Day 2015!

Wintermas Home Decorations and Fireplace

Merry Wintermas (or Happy WIntermas in the British world) 2015 to all!  Stripped of the Christmas Holidays’ religious baggage, Wintermas is a time to celebrate the turning of the Seasons, for relaxation and reflection and energizing one’s self for the year ahead.

The Winter Holidays are also all about light.  The slow return of longer days and the appreciation of the physical and spirtitual warmth brought by firelight, candles and evergreens.  So, enjoy your Wintermas trees and Yules logs, or light a candle.  Give a gift, enjoy a feast and call a long lost relative.  You don’t need “Christmas” to enjoy this day.

Merry WIntermas to all and to all a Good Night!



Happy Winter Solstice 2015!

Winter Festival of Lights Celebration with Jack Frost. Photo by Michael Harold.

Winter Festival of Lights celebration featuring Jack Frost in Northern California.

The Winter Solstice is upon us in North America, the real reason for the Winter Holiday Season!  It’s characteristically cold and wet, at least on the West Coast, while the East enjoys unseasonable warm weather.

No matter what the conditions in your area, it’s a great time to reflect on the roll of the planets and the cycles of nature in our lives.  On a more personal level, it’s a time for merriment and celebrations, as well as reflection about the year that is passing, and the year ahead.




Home and Hearth with Wintermas at Yuletide

A Wintermas Tree at Yuletide in North America

A Wintermas Tree at Yuletide in North America

This is a time of year to slow done and relax.  It the old days of Yule before it was Christmasized and Commercialized people would take a break from everyday life — even battles were suspended.

So, decorate your home, slow down, relax and think about Wonder of Winter and the turning of the Yule wheel into the New Year!   Happy 5th day Yule / Wintermas Eve from Wintermas!

Happy Winter’s Eve from Wintermas at Yuletide

Happy Winter’s Eve from Wintermas at Yuletide!  The is a special time of the year to enjoy family, friends and the wonders of Winter season.

Ancient ways of doing this include light-covered “Xmas” trees, Yule logs and candles, Holiday music, and festively decorated Winter homes.

More on all of this to come, of course, but for now,

Happy Wintermas at Yuletide to all!

Happy Winter Solstice 2012 – The First Day of Yule!

winter solstice graphic

Happy Winter Solstice 2012 from Wintermas!   It’s the shortest day of the year, a time to celebrate the Sun, the Earth, Light and Warmth.

Not coincidently, it’s also the first day of the ancient traditional 12-day celebration of the “Yuletide” from Northern European culture, at time to celebrate home and hearth, family and friends.

Of course, Yule was later co-opted by Christians as their Holiday.  But no matter!  We can still celebrate the real Reason for the Season.

Happy Winter Solstice & Yule from your friends at Wintermas, a webiste promoting the true meaning of the Winter Holidays!