Why the “mas” in Wintermas?

Thanks so much for everyone’s interest and comments on Wintermas.  Remember, the idea behind Wintermas is to create an expressly secular version of the Holidays for those who don’t want to celebrate “Chrismas”.

Also, with regard to Yule, as the website says, Wintermas is strongly influenced by Yule, but Yule is mostly celebrated on the Winter Solstice, leaving “Christmas” intact for those of us who want something different on that day as well.   And although Wintermas has no problem with the pagan origins of Yule some secularists want to steer clear of such associations and therefore Yule is of limited use to them.  So, Wintermas is both preceded by and includes Yule, and is strongly influenced by it.  But it is also meant to replace the Christmas part of the Holiday Season with something more secular for people who want that.

Finally, some progressives who like the idea still object to the “mas” in Wintermas” thinking its too Christian or that it even creates another Christian version of Chrismas!

We don’t think it creates another Christian holiday. But as a celebration that was born in a Christian-dominated society, Wintermas is admittedly influenced by Christiantity as well.  So it makes sense to make it sound a bit like Christmas.  Also, the suffix “mas” or “mass” can be construed to mean a meeting of people or a celebration.  See:  http://www.yourdictionary.com/mas-suffix.  Or we can create that meaning.

What do you think? Again, we appreciate your input, and keep those comments coming. Please keep us posted on your seasonal celebrations.

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