Merry Wintermas Day 2015!

Wintermas Home Decorations and Fireplace

Merry Wintermas (or Happy WIntermas in the British world) 2015 to all!  Stripped of the Christmas Holidays’ religious baggage, Wintermas is a time to celebrate the turning of the Seasons, for relaxation and reflection and energizing one’s self for the year ahead.

The Winter Holidays are also all about light.  The slow return of longer days and the appreciation of the physical and spirtitual warmth brought by firelight, candles and evergreens.  So, enjoy your Wintermas trees and Yules logs, or light a candle.  Give a gift, enjoy a feast and call a long lost relative.  You don’t need “Christmas” to enjoy this day.

Merry WIntermas to all and to all a Good Night!



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